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Key FOB Garage Door Opener

Key FOB for Garage Door Openers

Naturally, one of the main reasons that commercial and residential garage door owners are using key FOBs are due to their convenience. Despite this, there are also several other reasons these devices are indispensable in the modern world. Although there are other alternatives available such as keyless entry pads, the key FOB is often the cheapest option. To find out more about how we can increase the number of advantages your garage door opener provides, we have provided a helpful outline.

Advantages of Residential Key FOBs for Garage Doors

LiftMaster Key FOB Garage Door OpenerOne of the main benefits of a key FOB garage door openers is the ability to give the key FOB to people other than residents without having an expensive keyless entry pad installed.

For example, instead of dealing with the complications of making keys for home staff, delivery drivers or regular visitors, having several key FOBs is a controlled-entry solution.

Key FOBs for the garage door are also a convenient way to give children an inexpensive way to have a key to the house.

Unlike traditional keys, if a key FOB is lost, it can be eliminated as a security risk remotely.

Why Key FOBs are Essential for Commercial Businesses

Garage Doors for Commercial BuildingsOne of the biggest inconveniences when you own a business is having a paid staff member greet a delivery driver early in the morning.

In addition to paying the staff member to get up early, there is always a chance they will oversleep or have weather-related issues due to the early hours.

Instead of creating a recipe for repeated disaster, having a key FOB made for your commercial garage door is an excellent solution. This allows your staff to sleep-in, and the driver can use their key FOB to make the delivery unattended.

Hidden Ways Commercial and Residential Properties Benefit from Key FOBs

Garage Door Key FOB Opening Locked GateWhen you can open or close the garage door without getting out of your vehicle, it is not only convenient, but also a safety advantage.

For instance, if there is a lightning storm or high winds, it might not be safe to get out of the car just to open the garage door. This is also true when there is snow or ice on the ground.

Finally, if you own property in an area known for crime, you might want to avoid getting out of your car with the door open, and the engine running.

This is especially true if you have family members at a physical disadvantage or want to protect your employees.

We Can Help You with Key FOB Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster Key FOBs for Commercial & ResidentialHighly-reviewed in the community, Byerly Garage Doors have a 30-year reputation in the business.

In addition to Craftsman, CHI Overhead Doors, Liftmaster, Genie and Chamberlain, we are proud to install, repair, inspect or replace a wide variety of garage door brands.

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